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We give highest priority to clients who have:

  • driven through the Neighborhood and are familiar with the location
  • already filled our their Online Application
  • Completed Housemanship 101 
If you want to view one or more of our houses, please fill


Pears, Apples, Plums, And Figs. These are a fun, healthy part of life. We are making Chosewood the exemplary EDIBLE NEIGHBORHOOD.
In Chosewood fruit and herbs will be right outside your door. We planted 2 dozen

Want an edge on your application?

Follow this link and learn how to take care of a house.
HouseManShip 101
This will take only a couple of minutes.  But once you have completed the Final Exam we will know that you know the basics of taking care of a house.

Let us put a gold star on your application!


We know that your dog or cat, (bunny or goat?) is part of your family and we welcome responsible pet owners and their pets in our houses.
Unfortunately, we cannot allow all

Edible Neighborhood Fundraiser

Please join us in supporting the Edible Neighborhood program in the Chosewood Park neighborhood.

ChosewoodNOW has already planted 2 dozen fruit and nut trees, dozens of culinary herbs, and thousands of edible flowers in Chosewood Park neighborhood.
The Chosewood neighborhood nonprofit has a fundraiser to raise $2400 more to complete planting fruit trees in all the sunny yards they can.   Just click here to see the program.
You can give any amount.  and all contributions are tax deductible.

Get Renter's Insurance

It is a great idea to get Renter's Insurance.  Usually it doesn't cost much and it can save a lot of heart-ace if something awful happens.